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Artist Bio: 

Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn at KOA Campground - Nashville, TN
By:  Christie B.

    It has always been one of our many goals at Angry Country to introduce our readers to new country music artists. I feel that these young people often need a place to get their name out to country music listeners. As has been previously stated in my articles, these talented new artists need our help in getting both the attention of prospective record company executives and in getting a fan following. Jenny Lynn is one of those artists.

    She first came to my attention, when I found Jenny performing (along with her Dad and band) at The Opry Mills Mall in Nashville. Let me say that it takes a lot of talent to drag me away from the storefronts in a place like music city; so to say that Jenny Lynn has talent is a fact. I sat down and listened to her perform song after song from the top country charts, as well as her own original material. What so impressed me was how she could take a song from one of the top artists in country music and make it sound better; yet stay true to her own style and voicing.

    Having witnessed the talent of Jenny Lynn, I vowed to follow her career in music. When I learned that she had a new single, Its All Over You, I traveled back to Nashville to see her perform the song. This brought me to the KOA Campground, where you can find Jenny Lynn performing every Monday evening at eight o'clock to a packed audience. Taking the stage that appears like a set from the old Hee Haw Show, Jenny Lynn would once again impress not only me but also the crowd gathered for her performance on this evening.

    As with the past performances of Jenny Lynn, she would wow the audience with her cover versions of artists such as The Dixie Chick's There's Your Trouble, Faith Hill's The Way You Love Me, and Shania Twain's No One Needs to Know Right Now.
     Stating that one of her favorite songs is Sara Evan's Born To Fly, because it inspired her to continue her career in music, she would sing the song with great emotion. The song that stole the show for me, however, was a perfectly done Patsy Cline song Walking After Midnight.

    Whether performing songs from past country charts or today's hits, Jenny Lynn does them with ease (and often better than the original artist.)  Not only can she cover these songs; but she also writes many songs herself, along with her Dad Jim and bass player in the band Rick Casey. As is the case with Jenny Lynn's new single, Its All Over You, a song about finding love with the person that everyone least expected you to be with. Along with the audience, I was very taken in by this track. The song being one of three that you will find on her first self-produced single, you'll will also be impressed by the other two tracks entitled Wonderin'  If You Care ( a song written to reflect the feeling of wonder at someone's feelings) and a patriotic song Land Of The Free.

Jenny Lynn, at only nineteen years old, already has many accomplishments to her credit. She has been a feature entertainer at many venues over the years, from The Kentucky Opry to the West Tennessee State Fair. She began her singing career at the age of five performing in her church. Also to her credit are performances at such well known venues as The Nashville Palace, The Wildhorse Saloon, The Bluebird Cafe, and The Opry Mills Mall. She has been very well received every where she performs and continues to win new fans.

    She has recently moved from her West Tennessee home to Nashville in the hope of securing a record deal. Recently has had interest from recording industry executives and is hoping to secure a record contract in the near future. Currently she is doing studio work for Atlantis Studios and is also reviewing a production contract from Groove Productions in Franklin, Tennessee. They have work with The Dixie Chicks, Reba, and Tim McGraw.

    I am not at all surprised to learn that Jenny Lynn Melton has begun to draw the attention of Nashville music executives; she is an outstanding artist with both singing and songwriting ability. Angry Country highly recommends this young talented woman to our readers. If you want a complete night of outstanding country music, she will satisfy your need. For further information on Jenny Lynn, please visit her website at:  http://www.geocities.com/jennylynnmusic You will also find information there on how to purchase her new single Its All Over You. Like myself, you will come away a fan.


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